ASJA PNW Meeting 2021-10

The October 20th virtual meeting of ASJA Pacific Northwest brought together ten writers from Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.

In chapter news, Carolyn Miller updated the group on the status of the ASJA PNW website and development of a members’ resource section. Carolyn has also formed a committee with Joanna Nesbit and Sharon Thompson to check into holding an in-person writers’ retreat in the fall of 2022.

In-person events at conference centres and entertainment venues are returning to the calendar and offering more ways to participate than in the past, thanks to systems put in place in response to the coronavirus. Virtual events are a silver lining for writers like Sondra Forsyth, a dance critic. Digital performances started by dance companies when theatres were closed attracted viewers from around the world, she said, and are still being made available. The upside for dance critics: access to more events and the chance to watch (and replay) performances from different camera angles.

 Writers at the meeting also offered advice to individual members looking for help tracking down story sources and negotiating a new contract.

In member news: Minda Zetlin is speaking at WEB Summit, an international technology conference in Lisbon, Portugal, November 1-4. Minda, a columnist for, will moderate a panel discussion between CEOs of TAP Portugal, TravelPerk, and International SOS on the challenges of getting travel back on track after Covid-19.

ASJA members attending the October meeting: Maxine Cass, Sondra Forsyth, Fred Gebhart, Rosemary Keevil, Catherine Kolonko, M. Carolyn Miller, Joanna Nesbit, Sharon Thompson, Darlene West, Minda Zetlin.