ASJA PNW Meeting 2022-01

Members of ASJA Pacific Northwest launched the new year with plans to host quarterly guest speakers, organize a fall retreat, schedule in-person get-togethers in Washington when feasible, and set up a sub-group to focus on book promotion.

Robert Parker, Esq., Senior Associate Attorney with Holt Woods & Scisciani, is scheduled to speak about copyright issues at the February meeting, and the group hopes to recruit experts in taxation, book publicity and public speaking as guests later in the year.

Writers at the meeting also compared notes on:

  • Eligible expense write-offs for long-term projects
  • Best systems for managing large amounts of data

Marjorie Larner, who recently moved to Washington from Colorado, joined the virtual meeting and James Carberry, who moved to Spain after retiring from a career in journalism and business in the U.S., dropped in from Barcelona.

ASJA members attending the January 19th meeting: James Carberry, Maxine Cass, Fred Gebhart, Rosemary Keevil, Catherine Kolonko, Marjorie Larner, Christina Leimer, Bruce Miller, M. Carolyn Miller, Joanna Nesbit, Randy Stapilus, Sharon Thompson, Darlene West, Minda Zetlin.