ASJA PNW Meeting 2022-08

Plans to enhance the chapter website were on the agenda at the latest Zoom meeting of ASJA Pacific Northwest, held August 17.

Bruce Miller, a Seattle writer and regular contributor of technology-themed articles to the chapter newsletter, proposed moving ASJA PNW’s existing website from the site to a self-hosted WordPress site and volunteered to take the lead on the project. The change would allow the chapter to have its own domain name and provide more control over the website. Members could be given administrative access, for instance, to update their own member profiles.

Also discussed at the meeting:

  • a possible in-person get-together of Portland-based members in the fall
  • strategies for keeping interviews with sources on topic and on track

 Randy Stapilus, in Oregon, noted that the Oregon Capital Chronicle, which covers government and policy in the state, buys news and opinion pieces from freelance contributors. Randy has written a regular column for the news organization since 2021.

Coming this fall: Book marketing will be the focus of the September 21st meeting, with guest speaker Sandra Beckwith, and plans are underway for a tax expert to speak to the chapter in November.

ASJA members attending the August 17th meeting: Maxine Cass, Fred Gebhart, Rosemary Keevil, Catherine Kolonko, Christina Leimer, Bruce Miller, M. Carolyn Miller, Joanna Nesbit, Randy Stapilus.